Winner - Best Documentary Qantas Film & Television Awards. Winner Best Director Thomas Burstyn, Qantas Film & Television Awards

For me this film would be the movie highlight of my year! I think that on reflection right from the opening moment it unraveled and opened up like a beautiful flower from the very first to the very end. Intimate, honest and refreshing, So much love, full of touching moments and surprises I was instantly fascinated with the wild free spirited nature of the children and the father, the tenderness and love of the mother for her family. So natural and uncontrived, extraordinary landscape and right here in NZ, the beautiful children and their parents, the huge spirituality of both the land and the family, their extraordinary ability to cope with adversity and still smile, the tears and laughter that came spontaneously both from them and the audience The overwhelming sense of admiration for their ability to survive no matter what was placed in front of them. The heartfelt bond between Peter and his children and especially the baby and the way he shared his thoughts so intimately and tenderly. The instinctive worries of a mother for the futures of her children. The horses and the effect they had on every one of them... there was just so much love and sincerity and the contrast between their passive natures and the evil spirited agenda of the father was profound. The transition of the children running free and wild and riding bareback to dressing up in their Sunday best. It kind of covered and brought out in me every possible emotion and left me overwhelmed and enriched and a better person for this totally unexpected experience. The success of a really great film is when you think about it a lot the next day, and I am still in awe!! I am such a city girl!!!!! Refreshing and so much love.
Rosie Paine, Auckland

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